OMBRE CAPE JACKET – 3/4 and full cuff options available

Stylish Ombre crochet pattern with two sleeve options.
A 3/4 sleeve for a daytime spring cover up and a full cuff sleeve for colder months.
Pattern is available in sizes 18m – Adult.
Its a cute and light jacket that is worked up quickly with bulky yarn and hdc stitch.
Very simple pattern, easy to follow and suitable for beginner+.
Ombre or dusky colours would look great with this design.

I’m totally in love with these Ombre shades of Plum and grey…they just suit my little Boo’s dark hair perfectly 🙂

I am getting a bit ahead of myself in anticipation for Spring to arrive and have opted for the 3/4 sleeve version for little Alice’s plum and grey jacket.

It looks so smart, especially with her matching beanie 🙂 this was just a simple and quick hdc beanie…I will post next the pattern for this.

This little set took me approx. 4 hours to complete. It is a simple pattern and you can add rows on to make longer very easily.

I am sharing the pattern in size 18m- 24 months today for free 🙂

If you like the pattern and would like to purchase so you can make in all other sizes, you can purchase a full pdf download here Omber Cape Jacket 18m-Adult

The pdf pattern entitles the buyer a full license to sell items made with my designs.

You can also purchase any yarn you would like for this project here Peanut and Plum – Yarn store.



I hope you like the pattern. As always you can contact me for any help with completing your project.

  • Materials needed:
  • 8mm crochet hook
  • Chunky weight yarn: size 18-24m {255 yards}
  • I have used Soft star bulky – Purchase from my yarn store @
  • Movable stitch markers
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends and seaming
  • Buttons of choice


Gauge swatch: 6.5 sts/6 rows = 3.5×3.5 inch square in half double crochet
The jacket is worked flat from the top down. The sleeves are added after sweater body  is complete.
Step 1

Chain 28, Work a hdc in the third chain from the hook, work a hdc in each stitch all  across. (26sts)
Marker set up row:
Chain 2, then start the set up as follows:
work 2 hdc in the first stitch.
work (4hdc), 1 hdc (place marker in this stitch),
work (3hdc), 1 hdc (place marker in this stitch),  work (6hdc), 1 hdc (place marker in this stitch),  work (3hdc), 1 hdc (place marker in this stitch),  work(4hdc)
work 2 hdc in the last stitch.
RMPM {remove marker/place marker}: once you get to the stitch with
the marker placed in it, remove the marker, work the stitch as pattern  states, place marker in the top of the stitch just worked. This keeps the  maker in the same stitch, but moves it to the current row.
Body Increase rows:
Row 1: chain 2, turn, *work a hdc in each stitch to 1 stitch before the
marker, work 3 hdc in the next stitch, (RMPM), work 3 hdc in the next stitch, repeat from * {3 more times}, work a hdc in each stitch to end.
Row 2: chain 2, turn,   hdc  all across. {(RMPM)

Row 3: chain 2, turn, *work a hdc in each stitch to 1 stitch before marker,
work 2 hdc in next stitch, (RMPM), work 2 hdc in next stitch, repeat from * {3 more times}, work a hdc in each stitch to end.
Do one row of hdc




Row 1: chain 2, turn, work a hdc in each stitch to marker, remove marker,  chain 3, skip next (11sts), remove next marker,  work a hdc in each stitch to next marker, remove marker, chain 3, skip  next (11sts), remove next marker, work a hdc  in each stitch to end.
(30sts + 2 chain 3 spaces

Row 2: chain 2, turn, hdc across to the chain 3 space under the arm, work 1 hdc in  first chain, 2 hdc in next chain, 1 hdc in last chain, repeat 1 more time, work hdc across to end. (38sts)
Sweater body:
Row 1: chain 2, turn, work a hdc in each stitch to end.

Repeat until piece measures from underarm to working row:
size 18-24m 8 inches

Note: length is easily adjusted by adding or removing rows of hdc

Bottom edge:
Row 1 (RS): chain 2, turn,  dc in the top of the turning chain, dc across

Row 2 (WS): chain 2, turn, * 1 fpdc,1 bpdc, repeat from * to last stitch,


Join with slip stich to corner of collar (WS)

Row 1: CH 2, hdc across, ch2 turn,

Row 2: 2hdc first stitch, hdc across, 2hdc in last stitch, ch2 turn

Repeat row 1 x 2 more times


Start with a slip stitch in to the centre stitch under the arm, chain 2, work  along the wrong side of the sleeve to start, working a hdc in each stitch all  across. (16sts)
Row 1 (RS): chain 2, turn, work 1 hdc across,

Repeat rows until sleeve measures approx. (7inches).

Decrease 1: chain 2, turn, hdc2tog, work a hdc in each stitch to last 2  stitches, hdc2tog. (14sts)
Repeat rows 1-2 until sleeve measures approx. (10inches). Ending with Row 1 worked last.
Finish here for ¾ sleeve or move to cuff

Row 1: chain 2, turn, * 1 hdc, 1 fpdc, repeat from * all across, {work 1 hdc
in remaining stitch if needed}.
Row 2: chain 1, turn, sc2tog, 1 sc in each stitch to last 2 stitches, sc2tog.  (12sts)
Break yarn leaving a tail long enough to seam up the sleeve. Turn sleeve inside out
and seam up with a whip stitch using a yarn needle, weave in all ends. Turn sleeve back right side out. Finish second sleeve.

Overlap the edges of jacket approx 1 inch. Position and sew your two buttons opposite each other approx 4 inches apart.

The jacket will fall open a little at the front like a cape.

Depending on size of your buttons chain enough Stitch’s to fit tightly over button, sl st together, chain the inches for your size, chain the same amount for button, SL st together,

Hdc up the chain around the loop, hdc down the chain and around second loop, SL st to hdc chain, finish off and weave in ends.

Finish off and make sure all ends have
been woven in.

You can make a little matching hat of your own or if you have not already subscribed to page…please do :), I will be posting the matching hat in a few days!

Thanks for checking out my new pattern!!

Happy crocheting!

Emma x


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