Briar Bear Hoodie (Crochet)

Oatmeal Crochet Bear Hoodie Free


This pattern is suitable for beginners and works up in just a few hours!


Bears, Bears, Bears. I love them! Paddington and Winnie the Pooh will have soft spots in my hBearseart FOREVER! I can’t get enough and I just think Kids look so sweet at any age, all wrapped up snug and warm with Bear ears…adorable!


I created this hood from a pattern I made for a Farrington Fox hoodie (See patterns) and just made a little adjustment to the ears. It can be made in any colour, I think natural Bear colours look best, Brown, Black, White for a polar Bear…You get the idea! I have made mine in oatmeal because I had some yarn I wanted to use.

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As my patterns are free, I just ask that you please do not copy or change the pattern to your own. If you would like to share my pattern on social media please do with a link back to my page. If you would like to sell products made with this pattern please purchase the full pdf download, free from advertising and license here Briar Bear Hooded cowl pattern xxx

                                           Briar Bear Hoodie

  • 9mm Hook
  • 2 strands Aran weight yarn: I used King Cole Big in Oatmeal which you can purchase here:

  • 3-6 months 90 yards, 6-12 months 110 yards, Toddler 200 yards, Child 240 yards, Adult 320 yards.
  • Button of your choice
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

Make your chain –
3-6m – Chain 28
6-12m – Chain 32
Toddler – Chain 40
Child – Chain 44
Adult Chain 48

Join with a slip stitch. Make sure you do not twist chain, this will make it difficult to get a nice seam at join.

Round 1: Chain 2 (counts as first HDC) HDC all around, slp st into first HDC
Round 2: Chain 2 (Counts as first HDC) HDC around, slp st into first HDC
continue HDC around for your size –
3 Rounds 3-6 months
5 Rounds 6-12months
7 Rounds Toddler
8 Rounds Child
10 Rounds Adult

Chain 2 counts as first HDC throughout

3-6 months Chain2, *HDC 5, dc decrease (Repeat from *) around, join with slp st
6-12 months Chain 2, *HDC 6, dc decrease (Repeat from *) around, join with slp st
Toddler Chain 2, *HDC 8, dc decrease (Repeat from *) around, join with slp st
Child Chain 2, *HDC 9, dc decrease (Repeat from*) around, join with slp st
Adult Chain 2, *HDC 10, dc decrease (Repeat from*) around, join with slp st

Now you will not be joining your rounds. we are now making the hood part of your Hoodie. You will work back and forth, turning your work. Continue with HDC across until your hood measures.

3-6 months – 7 inches
6-12 months – 9 inches
Toddler – 10 inches
Child – 12 inches
Adult – 14 inches

If you want to make bigger or smaller you can easily add or decrease rows to your preference.

Turn your work inside out, join together and stitch along the last row worked to form your hood.

SC around the hood (the hood opening for face, not the whole piece) for two rounds. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Magic circle, work a slp st, sc 3 into circle, pull tight
Chain 1, turn, sc 2 into first sc, sc 1, 2sc in last,
Chain1 turn, *sc2 in first, sc 1 Repeat from* around
Chain1, turn, *sc2 in first, sc 1 Repeat from * around

If you want bigger or smaller ears just sc around the top of ear.

Gather your ear by weaving yarn through bottom of and pulling tight. Leave a long piece of yarn for sewing to hood!

Place your ears wherever you like, and feel looks right on your hood.

add your button to the front centre of the cowl part of hoodie.

That’s it your done!

Crochet Bear Hood free pattern

I would love to see your finished pieces, please comment with pics in the comment section.





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