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Crochet Bunting (Free pattern)

100% Cotton Crochet bunting. A simple photo tutorial for a customisable project. Simple stitches and construction.

If I could have bunting in every room in my home I would. I have to go easy on my partner though and have settled for the two Children’s rooms, the Kitchen, the lounge and the garden 🙂

There is something so homely about this bunting. It’s perfect for a nursery or children’s play room. I find it has an extra bit of charm in pastel colours but it can also be very bright and festive in bold colours – think Birthdays, special occasions, BBQ’s.

You could leave it all year round or create ones in festive colours to use year after year

I make mine with Creative cotton and Essentials cotton. It’s 100% cotton, organic, durable and washable…perfect!   I stumbled across this pattern when I was trying to whip up a triangular hat for a Bear I was adding to a blanket and it’s been my favourite item to make ever since.

Suitable for beginners, no counting or change in stitches and works up super quick.

As my patterns are free, I just ask that you please do not copy or change the pattern to your own. If you would like to share my pattern on social media please do with a link back to my page. If you would like to sell products made with this pattern please purchase the full pdf download, free from advertising and license here: Crochet bunting pdf
you can also buy the finished product in your custom colour and size here: Crochet bunting 


25g Creative cotton Rico Light Blue

25g Creative cotton Mouse Grey

25g Creative cotton Rico Green

25g Creative cotton Rico Royal Blue

25g Essentials cotton dark jeans

5mm hook (works up bigger and adds the gaps that give the great texture)

I honestly recommend trying Creative cotton and Essentials cotton yarn from  Hobbycraft – It is fantastic for Home Décor.
It is very durable and you can feel how strong it is in your designs. Its finish is soft to touch and flawless (no fluffy bits).
I have used this in many projects. It is perfect for Nesting baskets, rugs, outdoor and indoor pillow cases.
Anywhere your item will get a lot of use I recommend using this yarn.
You can get yours here Hobbycraft in a large range of shades.



Ch – Chain

Sc Single Crochet (UK Dc Double crochet)

HDC Half double crochet (UK Htr Half treble crochet)

Sls – Slip stitch

Start by chaining 2.




Row 1
– 2 sc into second chain from hook, turn

Row2 – 2 Sc in each stitch, Chain 1, turn





Row3  – 2 Sc in first stitch, 1 Sc across, chain 1, turn






Row 4 – 2Sc in first stitch, 1 Sc across, Chain 1 turn






Row 5 – 2Sc in first stitch, 1Sc across, Chain 1 turn






Row6 – 2Sc in first stitch, 1Sc across, Chain 1 turn

Repeat till you have your desired size. I did 10 rows to get a nice bunting sized triangle – You can make smaller or larger be increasing or decreasing rows.


Joining together:

Chain 25 (or as many as you would like for the length for your ties)

Join to the right of your triangle (Right side facing you)

HDC across the top of triangle, Chain 10, Join next triangle with HDC, Hdc across.

Do this for all of your triangles. Alternate colours as you go to get a nice theme.

After last triangle ch 25 (or as many as you chained in the beginning chain.

Chain 1, Turn

HDC across,

Finish off and weave in ends.

Now hang up and enjoy your new bunting. It adds a bit of fun and homeliness to any room!


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